An off-duty Delta Air Lines flight attendant wanted to crash flight DL 1730

A Delta Air Lines off-duty flight attendant forced an emergency landing of Delta flight DL1730 from Atlanta to Los Angeles Friday night.

A desperate pilot flying a Delta Air Lines flight DL1730, an Airbus A321-211 registered N116DN from Los Angeles to Atlanta on Friday night made a desperate announcement asking for strong men to come forward for an emergency.

The pilot needed urgent help from passengers to restrain an off-duty flight attendant to prevent an ongoing terror attack. An off-duty pilot and some passengers responded and helped to subdue the suspect after he allegedly assaulted two flight attendants and made terroristic threats. The suspect, Stephon Jamar Duncan, was yelling he would bring the plane down.

The packed Airbus A321 with about 200 people on board was about two hours away from its destination when an announcement on the intercom advised passengers to return to their seats and prepare to don their oxygen masks.

A couple of minutes after the announcement, the captain asked that “all able-bodied men please come to the front of the plane for an emergency.” As they made their way to the front of the plane, a flight attendant said “the situation was under control” and asked them to return to their seats.

The plane was diverted to the nearest airport in Oklahoma City, where “the man was handed over to law enforcement.” Passengers had to leave the plane as bomb technicians searched and cleared the aircraft with sniffer dogs.

The plane remained in Oklahoma City for more than three hours. After that, it proceeded further to Atlanta, its final destination, where it landed on Saturday at 05:00, four hours late.

Duncan was arrested and taken to a hospital after reporting chest pains and exhibiting signs of mental health issues.

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