Serbia to invest 20 mln euro in Nis airport by end-2022

Serbia plans to invest 20 million euro ($23.8 million) in Konstantin Veliki airport in Nis by the end of 2022, infrastructure minister Tomislav Momirovic said.

“Works on the airport building will start in the summer. Traffic will not be halted at any moment, ” Momirovic said in a video file posted on the website of Tanjug news agency earlier this week.

A new building will be built first, and then the existing building will be refurbished, he explained.

The construction of a new air traffic control tower will start in October or November, Momirovic also said.

Aerodromi Srbije, a state-owned company in charge of the management, development and maintenance of all Serbian airports, assumed the management of Konstantin Veliki airport from the city council in August 2019, in order to enhance investment in the airport.

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